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  1. Hi Marcus,

    I found your extraordinary math visualisations at http://www.r-graph-gallery.com/all-graphs/ and love them. I am learning R and would appreciate very much if you would be able to share (if possible) one of the algorithms you use to generate these wonderful visualisations to learn a bit more about the details. Of course , only if your code is open source. Otherwise, no worries.


    1. Hi Luis,

      Thanks for your kind words! I am in the process of putting all my code on GitHub (https://github.com/marcusvolz).

      It is taking some time, but there are already some repositories that might interest you, e.g. circlenoise, boids, cobwebs, etc.

      My code is not very good, for example there are a lot of for loops and it is not commented very well, but I hope you find it useful.


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