Marcus Volz is a research fellow at the University of Melbourne, where he is studying geometric networks, optimisation and computational geometry. He has a PhD in engineering / applied mathematics, and has worked previously as a consultant developing simulation models and animations of industrial processes. His interests and skills revolve around visualisation, and he is always looking for opportunities to represent complex information in novel visual ways to help accelerate discovery, and to uncover unexpected or unintuitive results.

Each image is created by computer code that processes and visualises data that is either simulated or externally-sourced. Each piece features many thousands or millions of data points which can take many hours to process.

Marcus makes heavy use of the R software environment for statistical computing and graphics, along with the ggplot2 package and its underlying ‘grammar of graphics’ philosophy.

Marcus’ more recent work has naturally evolved to become more abstract, as he continues to explore how texture, colour and structure can be manipulated by computation.

If you might be interested to purchase one of Marcus’ artworks, please contact him using the details below.

email: marcus.volz@outlook.com

twitter: @mgvolz

github: https://github.com/marcusvolz

geogebra: https://www.geogebra.org/mvolz

strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/11767616